Bay Area meal delivery service

We make it easy and enjoyable to eat nutritious meals on a weekly basis

Ready to start eating delicious, healthy meals at home, but not sure where to start? Let us take something off your to-do list.

We are a human-centered, chef-driven, high quality meal delivery service based in Oakland, CA. 

Our menu selections change weekly and seasonally, and can be adjusted to accommodate for allergies and dietary restrictions.

All meals are fully cooked and easily assembled, with heating and serving instructions included.

Weekly meal plan packages start at $380/week, and are fully customizable to fit your dietary and lifestyle needs.

Quality Ingredients

We use only the highest quality ingredients in all our meal plans.

  • All animal and seafood proteins are responsibly sourced. 
  • We source organic, local and seasonal produce wherever possible.

Our nutritional philosophy follows these basic guidelines

  • We use pasture-raised animal proteins for maximum nutritional benefit.
  • Only healthy fats like olive oil, avocado oil, and ghee are employed in recipes — never refined vegetable oils. (For more on this see our blog post on healthy cooking oils). 
  • We use no refined sugar.
  • We use whole grains, and pre-soak our grains and legumes.
  • Our meals are plant-forward (meaning veggies make up at least half the meal!).
  • Weekly meal plans often include the benefits of adaptogenic herbs, healing broths and probiotic-rich fermented foods.

Delivered to Your Door

All delivery is included in our weekly meal service, so all you need to do is unpack your bags and stock your fridge with delicious, healthy meals!

All meals are packaged in glass containers and jars, which you are encouraged to return with your next delivery. We also utilize plant-based compostable containers for items such as baked goods, salads & snacks.

Please see our FAQ page for more info regarding delivery times and current delivery zones.


“Elyse's cooking changed our lives. As busy parents, it was amazing to have food at home that was tastier than restaurant food and so much healthier! We often remarked on the fact that there was no reason to go out, when we could have such great food at home. And this was wonderful for our family life. Our kids developed a love for healthy, varied cuisine that we never would have achieved on our own. Elyse is a genius with foods ranging from remarkable soups and amazing fish for everyday dinners to high end dinner parties. She's truly a unique and inspiring cook. ”

Emi N.

Sample Menus

Sample Weekly Menu 1

Steamed wild salmon, with shaved fennel, lemon + tarragon
Roasted carrots + parsnips, with red onion, farro, kale + chunky meyer lemon dressing

Tandoori-spiced grilled chicken thighs, with cilantro sauce
Braised green beans, with coconut milk, lime + spinach

Slow-cooked pork ragu, with tomato sauce, swiss chard + whole wheat pasta
Mixed green salad, with shaved radish, fennel + champagne vinaigrette

Thai-style yellow curry, with tofu, mixed vegetables, herbs + lime
Jasmine and wild rice blend
Shaved vegetable salad, with lime-chile vinaigrette

Chicken bone broth
Zucchini + Carrot muffins, with walnuts + currants

Sample Weekly Menu 2

Sweet potato + wild salmon cakes, with guacamole Cucumber salad, with fennel, dill + sumac

Red wine braised short ribs, with parsley gremolata
Mashed sweet potatoes
Braised collard greens, with garlic + lemon

Chai-spiced roasted chicken breast, with turmeric-coconut yogurt
Chana Masala, stewed chickpeas with tomatoes + spices
Quinoa blend, with barley + millet

Moroccan lamb meatballs, with chickpea hummus
Roasted potato hash, with fava beans + english peas

Chia seed pudding, with matcha, blueberries + slivered almonds
Superfood granola

Sample Weekly Menu 3

Curried chicken salad, with almonds + golden raisins
Quinoa blend, with spinach, edamame, sesame + miso-ginger dressing

Chicken skewers, with cilantro pistou
Seasonal grilled veggies, with garlic-tahini sauce

Slow roasted pork shoulder, with berbere spice + dried chilies
Cauliflower rice, with turmeric + onion
Cabbage slaw, with lemon-mint yogurt dressing

Chicken ragu, with swiss chard + corn and amaranth polenta squares
Braised green beans, with garlic + tomato

Overnight oats with apple, vanilla + almond
Pork bone broth, with ginger juice

Sample Weekly Menu 4

Duck spring rolls, with rice noodles, shaved vegetables + peanut dipping sauce
Steamed spring vegetables, with lemongrass-ginger vinaigrette

Grilled flank steak, with turnip green salsa verde
Roasted carrot salad, with roasted red onion, pistachio + herbs

Lemongrass, ginger + chile grilled chicken drumsticks, with avocado-cilantro sauce
Roasted zucchini, with lemon, mint + toasted cashews

Baked eggplant, with tomatoes, vegan ricotta + chickpeas
Spinach salad, with baby arugula, radicchio, roasted cherry tomato + meyer lemon vinaigrette

Grass-fed whole milk yogurt with date puree + walnuts
Cacao + coconut energy truffles