Vita Kitchen - Oakland Based Subscription Meal Delivery Service

nutritious + delicious food to fuel your body, mind + lifestyle


At Vita Kitchen we know that modern life is busy, and many of us are buzzing around on information overload. Let us take something off your to-do list.

Our subscription-based meal delivery service makes it easy and enjoyable to eat nutritious meals at home on a weekly basis. We currently serve Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area with our ready-made meal service.

We work hard to get to know your taste and preferences, and what foods make you feel healthiest, to make sure we are always providing the highest quality meal delivery service. 


“I tried several meal delivery options in the bay area as a trial run prior to giving birth - nothing even held a candle to Vita Kitchen. This is the food I would make for myself if I was a significantly more talented chef. Elyse is a fabulous chef, her meals are made with really high quality ingredients and they are so well thought out - everything is easy to quickly heat up on a stovetop or in the oven but the result doesn't feel like a reheated meal because she's very thoughtful about the types of foods that work well for reheating. The other day I had some of the best pork meatballs I've ever had in ragu sauce that heated up super well in a pan, and put them on top of fresh zucchini noodles that were included as part of the meal. Tasted like I had just prepared it fresh for myself.”

Kaitlin Y.

“I never thought I would use a meal delivery service - it seemed like it would be expensive and that it was unlikely that my three kids would eat anything delivered. It turns out, Elyse ended up saving us both money (on wasted food in the fridge) and time (!!) and my kids tried things they never would have tried otherwise. ”

Dara S.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish."

At Vita Kitchen we believe that chefs have a responsibility to make delicious food, as well as food that is supportive and nourishing to our bodies.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all diets. We believe that our bodies each have different nutritional needs, and when we meet those needs we feel at our best. 

We believe in making things with our hands. We believe in sharing a meal around a table as family. We believe in good food, creativity, beauty and connection.


“I have had the pleasure of experiencing the perfectly-balanced and beautifully-presented farm-to-table meals Elyse is known for on many occasions. She creates menus that are healthy and delicious; dishes I might not normally consider, but which hooked me at first bite.”

Susan Z.