Vita Meal Delivery Pricing and Packages

Vita Gold Standard (our most popular):

4 complete meals (2-3 servings each) + two extra snacks/breakfasts


All of our gold standard packages are low carb, plant-forward and nutrient-dense, with no refined sugar or vegetables oils. All proteins are thoughtfully sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised sources. We can easily accommodate gluten-free and dairy-free dietary restrictions.

Menus options change weekly and seasonally.

 Regular delivery time is Mondays, 12-2 pm.  

Our meal delivery service is plastic-free. There is a one-time non-refundable deposit of $100 on reusable glass pyrex dishes.

Alternative Packages

Vita Individual packages: 

4 complete meals (1-2 servings each) 

+ two extra snacks 



5 complete meals (1-2 servings each) 

+ two extra snacks 



Vita Elite Packages: 

These packages are for clients that have specialized diet plan i.e. whole30, keto diets and/or those that have travel schedules that don’t allow for a regular delivery day. 

Packages start at $775 for 2+ people. 

Fully customizable to fit client’s needs. 

Contact us for pricing information. 

“I never thought I would use a meal delivery service - it seemed like it would be expensive and that it was unlikely that my three kids would eat anything delivered. It turns out, Elyse ended up saving us both money (on wasted food in the fridge) and time (!!) and my kids tried things they never would have tried otherwise. ”

Dara S.